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How to Use Accessories to Dress Elegantly (2)

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The Right Fabric
As comfortable as cotton is, it’s not the most elegant fabric for your garments. Silk and cashmere are the most popular materials preferred by the truly elegant. It’s expensive yes, but sometimes elegance can be hard on the pocket. Wear silk garments or scarves. Cashmere scarves, jumpers, or hats look great too.
The Right Make Up
Loud make up is a definite no-no. You want people to look at you and admire you for your poise and your seemingly effortless attempt at elegance. You don’t want people to look at you because you obviously don’t know how to coordinate your make up with your outfit. Make up should be very well-blended and the more natural you look the better.
Even if you use a lot of make up it should be very well applied and have no smudged areas. Your hair should also be neatly in place, held together by bands and pins and hairspray. Draw attention to yourself by not drawing attention.
The Right Perfume
An elegant perfume isn’t loud and overpowering. A mild scent is preferable. A good perfume should be lingering, yet not overpower one’s senses so choose your scent well.
I know that not all of us are interested in looking elegant or even getting that understated elegant look for that matter. But for some of us, that’s how we like to dress, and it helps to know the tricks of the trade. Also, even if this isn’t your regular style, it might come in handy, especially if you’re attending a hoity-toity society event. Another occasion for which your skills of dressing with understated elegance might come in useful is for a job interview or even for regular work wear.
The basic key to remember is: Don’t overdo it. As long as everything is balanced and coordinated, you should be fine!
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