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Long Layered Haircut

The Cut: We see here a long, layered haircut featuring razor texture and long or no fringe.
The Color: The hair color here is a rich, dark mahogany with natural highlighting that becomes only truly apparent when the lighting reflects off of the hair's natural sheen and luster.
The Style: To create this hairstyle, you must start with naturally wavy hair or roll the sides and back with large rollers. The hair is dried and back-combed to create a mane of fullness around the back and sides of the head, framing the face. The hair at the top of the head is styled smooth and possibly flat-ironed if necessary to create a contrast to the bulky mass of curls. Smoothed at an angled across the top and forehead area, the straight locks are secured back into the side as a counterpoint to the rest of the style. The curls are given added definition through the use of a spray or spritz and scrunching with the fingers. Long curling tendrils are trailed down the neck and back to add softness and additional movement to the style.
Hair: Jennifer Wilson - Essensuals Hairdressing
Collection: 2005
Make-up: Margita Skrenkova
Styling: Anna Slezakova
Photography: Thomas Beran
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