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Long Hair with Tendrils

The Cut: The hair here is in a long-layered style with maximum length in the upper layers, and razor-texturing on the ends of the hair.
The Color: Our model here has a rich, fiery haircolor with soft, coppery highlights to give more depth and dimension to the color.
The Style: Again, we begin with hair that is either naturally wavy or rolled to create curl. The hair is styled to smooth the upper lengths and create maximum volume at the lower 2/3rds of the style. The hair is parted in an off-set, angled parting and the long fringe is given lift to arc over the forehead and sweep back into the mass of curls. The curls are backcombed to give volume and defined using spray and scrunching. A light application of pomade or smoothing serum can be used to soften and define the tendrils which trail over the shoulders and down the body.
Hair: Jennifer Wilson - Essensuals Hairdressing
Collection: 2005
Make-up: Margita Skrenkova
Styling: Anna Slezakova
Photography: Thomas Beran
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