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Modern A-Line Bob

The Cut: What we see in this hairstyle is a modern variation on the classic A-line bob. The cutting line is angled high in the crown area and follows to different points at the face for an asymmetrical look. The ends are razor-textured and the fringe is cut at an angle toward the longer side of the cut.
The Color: Here hair color is used to define and accentuate the style by using a darker color to emphasize the fringe. The hair on the top, back and sides is pale golden blonde, which when layered upon the darker fringe creates a tremendous depth to the look.
The Style: What is traditionally a short, sleek style is given softness and a twist with the addition of targeted color and razor-texture. To create the style, the hair is blown straight and parted with an angled parting. The fringe is smoothed using a flat-iron to create a sleek curtain over the eyes, while the pale blonde cap of hair is kept softened and given extra definition through a light application of pomade to create some structure in the textured style.
Hair: Jennifer Wilson - Essensuals Hairdressing
Collection: 2005
Make-up: Margita Skrenkova
Styling: Anna Slezakova
Photography: Thomas Beran
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