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Chunky Hair

The Cut: This is the first of our asymmetrical haircuts featuring razor work to create a multitude of lengths and a chunky spiky appearance to the hair.
The Color: The natural warm brown of the model's hair has been streaked with bold hues of blue-violet, jade green and pale canary yellow, giving her hair a sense of funk and excitement to accentuate the varied lengths of the individual locks of hair.
The Style: To create this hairstyle, blow-dry the hair straight using a flat vented brush with a smoothing balm and styling gel. Further smooth the hair using a flat iron to give perfect straightness and spike the upper layers at the top of the head along the parting. Use a smoothing serum spread evenly over the finger and raked through the hair to give the individual locks of hair definition and weight to ensure good movement.
Collection: Fallen Angels
Hair: Clipso Artistic Team
Make-up: Soraya Isaacs
Styling: Ziad Ghanem
Photography: Martin Evening
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