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Marilyn Monroe Look

The Cut: The hair in this photo is cut with minimal layering and razor-texturing at the ends for added softness to the look.
The Color: Here we have an ultra-pale blonde color in a platinum shade. The color is a perfect compliment to the model's delicate pink skin tone.
The Style: The hairstyle is created on a model with naturally wavy hair. You can achieve this look for your own wavy locks by blow dry styling with a diffuser attachment using a volumizing mousse to maintain the natural curl, then enhancing the curl using a curling iron or Velcro rollers to give more curl where needed. Once the curls are set, use the fingers and a small amount of smoothing serum or styling balm to define the curls and mist lightly with hairspray for hold. The finished look is soft and sexy, the way Marilyn Monroe was soft and sexy.
Collection: Curl and Shine
Hair: Clipso Artistic Team
Make-up: Soraya Isaacs
Styling: Ziad Ghanem
Photography: Martin Evening