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Freestyle Bangs Haircut

The Cut: This is a blunt haircut with razor texturing on the ends of the hair, and freestyle bangs cut bluntly to a point between the eyes.
The Color: The base color for the hair as shown is a jet black that is sleek and glossy, enhanced by the counterpoint of nearly snow white streaks throughout the hair.
The Style: The hair is blown-out straight, and flat ironed for smoothness. The hair is then styled into a topknot on her scalp and the streaks emerge fountain-like to cascade down the head and neck. The hair is further smoothed by a thin coat of smoothing serum spread evenly across the fingers and the fingers then raked through the hair and run over the bangs to give added shine.
Collection: Fallen Angels
Hair: Clipso Artistic Team
Make-up: Soraya Isaacs
Styling: Ziad Ghanem
Photography: Martin Evening
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