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Short Curly Hair with Layers

The Cut: Here we see a short layered haircut with stacked layers in naturally curly hair.
The Color: The color is a natural-looking sable. It's soft, glossy, and compliments her pale pink skin well.
The Style: To create this hairstyle, you need to start with naturally curly/wavy hair and dry it with a volumizing mousse and diffuser attachment. Use your fingers with the dryer to build as much fullness and lift as possible in the stacked layers. The curls can be enhanced using a curling iron or Velcro rollers, and the hair sprayed lightly with hairspray and scrunched to add definition. Use the fingers to adjust and place the curls as desired. Mist with hairspray for added hold.
Collection: Fallen Angels
Hair: Clipso Artistic Team
Make-up: Soraya Isaacs
Styling: Ziad Ghanem
Photography: Martin Evening
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