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Laurence Ferrari & Joanna Page

Laurence Ferrari with foiled hair that rests upon her shoulders
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Laurence Ferrari wears a high side part in her beige colored hair that has been foiled with caramel slices for warmth, contrast and a little bit of depth. Her long layers have been textured on the ends to rest upon the tip of her shoulders resembling a modified shag. The top begins with a slight lift which could be her natural cowlick framing her face.
Eyeliner on the top and a little bit on the bottom of the eyes, darkened brushed brows, mascara, a small amount of shadow, light bronzing and a neutral lip tint all give a good example of a natural look for Ms. Ferrari. Wearing a sleeveless speckled grey turtleneck defines an excellent contrast next to Laurence's lovely shade of beige color hair and harmonizes with her silver earrings.
Joanna page - 05/23/2008

Joanna Page wearing her hair short and with an appearance of thickness Joanna Page's bob is cut bluntly along the jaw line and close to the nape of her neck increasing the lower volume in her hair and the appearance of overall thickness. The bangs are also clipped smoothly, and divided together with the high, off centered part. A series of multi-tones of darker blonde, caramel and brown are achieved throughout the short hair to render a natural affect. When combed behind the ears brings the prettiness of the face into the forefront, yet the hair is still the frame.
Few smiles radiate as sunny as Joanna's and wearing a very light blush on her milky white skin keeps her make up natural looking. Her eyes carry eyeliner on the top, a small amount of smudge on the bottom, warm shadow, mascara and a coral with orange tones lip tint. When in doubt, wear a white shirt with thin stripes and look completely fantastic with those small post earrings.