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Nicole Kidman's Long Blunt Cut

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The Style:
Styling the hair is, again, very straightforward. Section the damp, towel-dried hair after it has been treated with straightening balm, styling gel, leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz serum to make sure the hair is protected from potential heat damage. Blow-dry the hair in sections using a flat-paddle brush to pull the hair straight as you go.
Nicole Kidman hairstyle Nicole Kidman's long blunt cut hair Nicole Kidman's long straight hairstyle Nicole Kidman wearing her hair long and straight Clothes for a Nicole Kidman look
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Be sure to direct the air-flow of the dryer in the direction the hair grows to keep the hair smooth and prevent roughing up the cuticle layer. Once the hair is fully dry, pass a flat-iron through the hair to further smooth it. Be sure to use thin slices of the hair when you pass the flat iron through it and use a light mist of hairspray to help hold the straight style.
Mist the section with spray and allow it to dry, pass the hair in thin slices through the flat iron and allow the slices to cool fully before combing or brushing them out. Once cool, brush out the hair and finish the style as desired. Use very sparing mist of a spray laminator or very light oil spray to add shine and gloss to the hair.
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