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The Fashion
This knee-length dress is of a simple design. It resembles a wrap dress with a deeply-plunging neckline that ends at the waist where a knotted belt separates the skirt portion. The fabric features an abstract pattern that is fully asymmetrical and shimmers with mini-sequins. The wild combination of patterns is an excellent companion to the simplicity of the design. If the dress featured too much in the way of construction techniques or architecture it would appear too overdone.
side view of Marley Shelton's haircut Marley Shelton's medium length haircut Marley Shelton - Smooth and softly curved medium length hair Marley Shelton fashion hairstyle Marley Shelton's knee-length dress with a deep plunging neckline
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The finishing touches include a couple of simple rings, a black clutch purse (in a matte finish), simple black pumps (matte finish) and the drop earrings in a string of amber beads. It displays a sense of style that few women possess. By using a "less is more" attitude and keeping the accessories simple, Marley allows her dress to be the main feature of the look, showing off a tremendous physique.
And lest you think that you would have to have a "perfect" body for this dress, understand that using a garment like this with a simple design and a bold asymmetrical pattern is a great way to camouflage any figure flaws you may be concerned about. Just remember to keep the cut of the garment simple, with the fabric doing all the talking, and keep the fit appropriate to your shape and needs.
Lastly, let's just take a second to talk about Ms. Shelton's make-up Being a blue-eyed blonde, she has fair skin, but also has a healthy glow about her, given that she is a natural-born California girl and has probably spent a lot of time on the beaches and in the sun. Even so, the color palette she uses here is one with soft tones.
She's chosen a peachy-pink blush and soft neutrals with a touch of bronze around the eyes (which only makes the blue of her eyes shine brighter) and a soft, moist finish to the peachy lip color that looks dewy and young rather than wet and glossy.
With just the thinnest of lines around the eyes, and full lush lashes, you could almost believe that she isn't wearing much make-up at all, which is, in many cases the sign of a perfect application.
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