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Kate Middleton's Hair (2)

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The forelocks are often swept to one side and the ends are nearly always swept up and out to offer definition and visual interest to the styling. Of course, her long hair is versatile, allowing for elaborate up-styling and even simpler, and more casual looks to be created. Reportedly, Kate favors the Richard Ward Salon and while a good stylist doesn't reveal the specific secrets of his famous clients, we can tell you that Ward favors the use of high-moisture products to nourish and keep the hair conditioned, shiny and manageable. He also recommends Keratin products which help to strengthen the hair and keep it resistant to elemental damage.
The cut is deceptively simple. The lengths are long and layered along the lower third of the hair. However, these layers are expertly tapered with a thinning technique that allows the formation of locks that seem at once cohesive to the whole and defined on their own.
The styling is also deceptively simple, in that it takes a moment to understand the technique, but may take time and work to master it. If you are looking to recreate Kate's hairstyle, you should make sure you are practiced in using a blow dryer and natural bristle brush together.
The natural bristles allow you to generate the right amount of tautness to smooth and straighten the hair, while a simple flick of the wrist will create the up-turned ends that are signature to Kate's look.
Alternately, for those who can't quite master the blow-and-brush technique, there's always allowing the hair to dry naturally and using a flat iron to turn up the ends. Just remember to start about halfway along the hair's length, work with small sections and slices, and loosely wrap the hair around the iron after you've grasped the mid-point in the plates, then left the hair slide through the iron to give that smooth, defined curl.
Other Hair Grooming:
The other notable feature Kate Middleton has is her eyes, and those eyes are made the focal point of her face by well-groomed brows. Her brows are groomed to have only a mild curve, rather than a sharper arch, and she has them shaped to a heavier look toward the inside of the face. This has the effect of drawing the focus of the eye inward on her face and making the face appear somewhat smaller.
The outer ends of the brows are slowly tapered and help to open up the perimeter of the face, reinforcing the closeness of the features created by the heavier inside regions. In various photos, Kate can be seen with her brows tapered more severely, but the most recent show a more natural look.
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