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Justin Bieber's Haircut How To (2)

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After you establish your upper guide lengths, pick a starting point and comb out vertical slices of hair and cut layers using a curved line. It's easier to use the bottom edge of the perimeter as a starting point and cut "short to long" with the scissors angled up and outward from the perimeter edge. "Short to long" means that the length of the layers should grow slightly longer as you move up along the scalp. Skip the fringe/forehead area for now, since the layering there will be much shallower and will need a slightly different touch.
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After working around the head along the bottom edge, move upward and repeat the process, using a slightly decreased angle. The goal is to create a gentle curve between the top layer and the bottom perimeter length. This will be accomplished by altering the cutting angle as you work your way up the scalp. The finished cut will have a slightly-full silhouette.
After cutting the main portion of the hair, leaving only the fringe area to be cut, you need to take on the fringe. Your goal is still to create a gently-curved line between the top and perimeter lengths, but since the depth of the layered area is shorter in the fringe, the lengths have to be kept longer so that the perimeter line stays smooth. You adapt for this by elevating the hair more before you cut. You also cut with a shorter curve, being mindful not to shorten the perimeter any more than it is already.
This should leave you with a layered fringe area that can be blended carefully at the sides to merge with the rest of the hair.
Once the main cut is done, go back over the hair, taking thin, vertical slices and using the scissors to point cut the ends of the layers. This will generate that feathered look that we want. Take your time, and be thorough. The point-cutting needs to be evenly-spaced and uniformly executed to give that fine-grained texture, rather than a choppy look.
The Styling:
Once the texturing is done, use a styling mousse and work it evenly through the hair. Then dry the hair using a round bristle brush with a blow dryer to create the slightly-curved direction and radial pattern around the head. The look should be soft, and smooth. Finish with a small dab of pomade (styling wax) on the fingertips which can be raked through the hair to give definition to the layers.
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