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Jessica Alba's Shoulder Length Hair (2)

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The hair Color
Due to her genetic heritage, Jessica's natural color is generally darker. However, aside from the golden blonde she wore as Sue Storm in "The Fantastic Four", she has had something of a range of flattering colors.
Jessica Alba
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This hair color is typically a level 3-4 base of (gold) yellow-orange, giving a chocolaty tone, and is accentuated and given depth by the addition of caramel tones of level 5-6 in neutral or golden tones. This particular palette is perfect for her complexion and helps to intensify the depth of her eyes.
The Secrets of Styling
The shape of Jessica's face is a lovely oval and her features are all rounded as well. Because of this, the styling of her hair with the large, soft waves makes for a perfect counterpoint to the shapes already visible in her features. Where she could easily carry a curlier look, such a look could appear more juvenile. Something styled perfectly straight might tend to make her appear older. This soft-wave look uses a great deal of her natural wave pattern, and gives her a still-youthful but age-appropriate appearance.
The look is achieved via the use of a diffused dryer and some scrunching for those with natural wave. Those with straighter hair can get this wave via large roller tools (or medium tools heavily loaded), while the curly-haired individuals can make use of a flat iron to reshape the natural wave to suit their tastes.
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