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Jada Pinkett Smith's Smooth Waves (2)

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The Style:
To get the style Ms. Pinkett-Smith is wearing, you'll need to add some curl to straighter hair types. If your hair is naturally curly, you can create the look more easily. The diagram shows the method for creating this style in naturally straighter hair.
Styling diagram - How to style hair with smooth waves
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Roll the hair in a wet set using medium-sized rollers, all over the head. Use a styling gel or other strong-hold styling product to ensure that you end up with curls that will stand up to more manipulation after drying.
Once the hair is dry, take down the rollers and use your fingers to comb out the curls. You may want to dampen the tips of your fingers to soften and remove the "roller partings" that appear and you can use a bristle brush at the hair lines in front to smooth the look.
If you want to add height to the front of the style use a comb or brush to backcomb or ruff the hair at the top of the head before gathering the upper half of the hair (from the front of the ears to the crown area of the head) and gathering it at the crown in a comb or barette.
Continue combing out the flowing hair below the gather with your fingers. If you want to add definition to the curls, you can rub a bit of smoothing serum on your fingers and run them through the hair to smooth the locks.
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