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Comparing Hair Colors (3)

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Is the lovely Evan Rachel Wood a blonde or a redhead? The truth may be a matter of debate. I call it strawberry blonde, and it's a prime example of a combination of blonde and red hair colors.
Natasha Kaplinski hair color Jill Clayburg hair color Evan Rachel Wood hair color Amber Tamblyn hair color
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Jill Clayburg and Natasha Kaplinski are members of a different combination group. These ladies may present a problem for those trying to classify their hair color since it's hard to decide if they're dark, dark blondes or really light, light brown? Of course, when your hair looks this good, does it matter?
Lovely young Amber Tamblyn is stunning with her warm brown curls. Her auburn tresses are clearly an example of the crossover point between red and brunette hair colors.
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