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My Face Type (5)

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Alyson Hannigan could very well have a diamond shaped face. When you see the hairline growing in closely on the temple and the face coming back into that point, chances are it could be a diamond.
Alyson Hannigan
Martha Byrne looks very closely to being a diamond. Her hairline comes in close in her forehead, then the face expands and goes into that pointy chin again.
What is your type? Take a hair band and pull your hair back away from your face. Take a good look and what do you see? Close one eye and look again. Take a crayon and draw on your mirror the form you are seeing. Is your forehead wide like those who are heart shaped? Does it narrow down as you look at this?
Take a measuring tape to be certain and measure across. Numbers will tell you the truth. Measure your width across your forehead, across your cheeks and across your jaw area and across your chin. Which is the widest? Which is the least? Measure your face lengthwise. Do this with a friend and have her give you her honest opinion. Good friends can see things that we cannot at times.
Whatever shaped face you were born with, be happy and thankful for it and, remember, even the celebrities have your face shape.
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