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Classic Chignon (2)

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The style is created as shown by starting with rolled hair for curl, brushed out, parted as desired and smoothed across the forehead to be gathered at the nape of the neck. The hair is secured using a ponytail elastic or other clasp, and a slender lock of hair is then wrapped over and around the gather to hide the appliance from sight.
Brittany Murphy - Chignon with a loose lock Brittany Murphy - Updo with a loose coiled lock Brittany Murphy - Updo with an added flower Brittany Murphy's up-style with a flower Brittany Murphy - Chignon with an added flower
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The hair beyond the gather is backcombed slightly to add fullness and rolled under and anchored to the gathering point with bob pins to form a soft roll. The roll can be left unadorned for a clean and simple style, or it can be ornamented as shown here with a single large blossom, a cluster of flowers or another jeweled accessory.
The style is further accentuated by the freeing of a single lock of hair at the face, which is curled and let hang in a smooth coil.
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