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Bridget Moynahan's Choppy Neck-Length Haircut (2)

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The Style:
Styling the haircut afterward is a simple matter of using the blow-dryer and your fingers to dry the hair with some volume. Be sure to towel-dry the hair and add styling product to the damp hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb before blow-drying. You can use a diffuser to prevent heat styling damage.
Birget Moynahan Birget Moynahan's neck length choppy haircut Birget Moynahan sporting a long choppy haircut Birget Moynahan hair with choppy bangs Birget Moynahan - Shoulder length wavy and choppy haircut

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Finish the look afterward by using anti-frizz serum or shine serum on the fingers and running them through the hair to give definition and detail to the texture. You can also lightly mist the hair with hairspray and scrunch the hair to more hold and a longer-lasting style.
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