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Ashlee Simpson's Short Haircut (2)

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Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson's new short haircut
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This particular hair color is a level 8 in its base hues with some added level 9 highlighting all in gold tones. You can see her natural color peeking through due to the new growth since her last color treatment, but at this stage it serves to enhance the look of the hairstyle rather than detract. It gives some depth to the hair and offers a natural-looking contrast.
However, it will need to be retouched before a few more weeks pass, or else the look will become shabby instead of chic.
The Basics of Styling:
Ashlee Simpson's hair is similar in natural texture to that of her sister - meaning that while it is mostly straighter, it has some wave to it. This cut, with its tapering and intense texture on the ends, demands smooth styling. The hair should be blown-out with a flat, bristled brush and a smoothing balm or cream to add shine and control any fly-away strands.
Pass slices of the dry hair through a flat iron to further smooth the finished look and help control the lay of the hair. You can use added tension on the clamping and a slight tilt of the iron to give the hair a bend and create the curve in the back of the head.
Finish off the look with a touch of smoothing serum or pomade along the fingertips and work them through the smoothed strands to add a little definition and give the ends that molded look, creating the fine-tip finish and visual interest in the style.
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