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Andrea Osvart's Short Haircut (2)

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Andrea Osvart's very short haircut
Andrea Osvart
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In addition to the darker base tone, there appears to be an almost-coppery auburn with a golden blonde and a few slender locks of pale, creamy gold to finish out the effect. The base is a somewhere around a level 4 or 5, with the predominant highlight color being a warm level 6, followed by a level 7 in a golden shade and the final addition of the slim selections of level 8 to add sparkle.
Keeping the colors close in relation to their partnered shades means that as the natural color emerges in the new growth, the hair can retain its appeal longer. Since the transition appears to create an ombre effect, the look remains "cutting edge" longer before needing a retouch service.
The Secrets of Styling:
Once you've recreated the cut and created the palette of color you want for the look, it's time to evaluate the techniques used in styling this look. As shown, the hair is basically blown dry with a vented brush using a strong-hold mousse product for control and softness. The hair is directed in a curving radial pattern from the crown area. The hair should be lifted with the fingers and a diffuser used to warm, then cool, the top and crown sections, so that you can maximize the volume in these areas, creating the pleasing silhouette of the style.
The fringe area is directed across the forehead in a sweeping fashion, with the ends flipped up and back over the hairline in soft, "c" shapes. A small amount of styling paste or wax pomade can be used on the fingers to rake through the hair and create added detail to the layers. By pinching and drawing out the fingers in various places along the hairstyle, the layers and texture can be shaped into points that are esthetically pleasing and offer a greater degree of styling versatility and visual impact.
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