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Haircutting Stories

Glenda Narulla shaved her head
Glenda was asked to shave her head for a fashion shoot and only 9 hours before the actual shaving she decided to go for it.
Alyssa's changing hair styles
Alyssa is a lady that gets her hair cut and colored often. Finally she decides to cut it all off and sports a zero bang short haircut. Be sure to check her breathtaking 4 colors hairdo (one red and 3 highlights).
Haircut 2003
Two friends cut their long hair a lot shorter. According to the pictures getting their long hair cut was a lot of fun.
Heather's hair
Heather cutting and shaving her hair and coloring it. She can't stay the same and is constantly changing hair styles, lengths and colors.
Jamie's hair cut
Photos taken before and after Jamie's long to shoulder-length hair cut.
Kristen Kakos - Haircut of the millenium
Hair colored red and shaved on New Years's Eve.
Pigtails cutting
A brave girl puts her hair in pigtails and then lets a friend cut it off.
Robin's haircuts
Robin's different styles and hair colors. A modern girl sporting fashionable hairstyles.
Thalia's haircut
Drastic haircut for an Asian lady. She is tired of her time-consuming long hair and decides to let a friend cut it off.