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New Hairstyles

  • Pastel hair colors Trapeze shape bob with a flared out top. Blonde hair with pastel color flashes.
  • Short blonde hair with pastel streaks Short hairstyle with a military edge and an undercut. Blonde hair with pastel streaks.
  • Bob cut with overlapping lines Bob cut with long bangs and overlapping lines. A combination of brown, red and golden hues.
  • Neat short hairstyle Neat short hairstyle with a side part and a curvy fringe. Hair color transitions from copper to purple.
  • Modern hair coloring Short hairstyle with flowing cutting lines. Dark and light copper hair with blonde highlights.
  • Style for mid-back length hair Style for mid-back length hair with layers and long bangs. Hair coloring with alternating streaks.
  • Hairstyle for thick Hairstyle to bring the best out of thick hair. A rounded cut with layers and motion.
  • Long hair with a sleek and curls combination Long hairstyle with a sleek top and curly lower sections. The curls were shaped to create a lot of volume.

  • Illusion of short hair Updo to create an illusion of short hair. A hairstyle with fluid shapes, shine and a quiff.
  • Updo with pinned curls Updo with curls pinned close to the scalp with hairpins. A look with Greek and Roman influences.
  • Updo with a bump Up-style with a neat shape, a retro bump and loose strands around the face. Styled for volume.
  • Hair with a braided crown Trendy peasant style updo with a braided crown. A festive hairstyle with a lot of shine.
  • Updo with a large bun Updo with a large yet simple bun and strict styling. The hair smooths itself around its center.
  • Updo that looks like short hair Sleek updo that loooks like short gel styled hair. Feminine, with a side part and long curved bangs.
  • Soft hairstyle with layers Soft hairstyle with layers and a flattering shape. A long fringe brings attention to the eyes.
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