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New Hairstyles

  • Short hairstyle with cropped sides Short hairstyle with layers, very short cropped sides and longer top hair. The bangs are angled.
  • Modern short hairstyle Modern short hairstyle with layers. Longer top hair was styled criss cross with no rules.
  • Short hair with high styling Short hair with a lot of texture and high styling. The hair is spiked up and ruffled with wax.
  • Short hairstyle with volume Short hair with rough texture and much volume. Featuring thick layers from neck to crown.
  • Short hairstyle for natural curls Short hairstyle for natural curls. The curls sit on top of the head and the sides are short.
  • Shag hairstyle Textured shag hairstyle with a sporty appearance. Layered cut with an extended neckline.
  • Effortless medium length hairstyle Medium length hairstyle with an effortless feel. A layered cut with done and undone styling.
  • Medium length layered hair with curls Medium length layered hair with curls. A shag cut with longer neck hair and tapered sides.

  • Redhead shag hairstyle Shag hairstyle for a redhead. With long neck hair, tapering, layering and a curved full fringe.
  • Pixie with high volume Cute pixie cut with high volume and points that peek out from the sides. A cool cut with short bangs.
  • Wavy mid-neck length bob Mid-neck length bob with layers and wavy styling. An easy to manage hairstyle with full bangs.
  • Medium length bob with layers Medium length bob with layers and edgy texture. The bangs are long enough to shade the eyes.
  • Layered bob Layered bob with amazing volume. The hair is curly and framing the face with wispy texture.
  • Sporty hairstyle Hairstyle with a sporty and dynamic vibe. Featuring long sides and thick and dominant bangs.
  • Medium length hairstyle with layers Medium length hairstyle with layers and texture. An asymmetrical look with fluffy lightweight volume.
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