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Hairstyles for Young Girls (2)

  • Hairstyle with pigtails Hairstyle with pigtails and curls for little girls. The hair is gathered into tails at the rear of the head.
  • Long hairstyle with layers for girls Long hairstyle with layers for girls with fine hair. Styled to avoid frizz and fly-aways.
  • Easy hairstyle for girls Short and easy hairstyle for active girls. The cut is a short rounded bob with an angled fringe.
  • Long hairstyle for natural curls Long hairstyle for little girls with natural curls. The length allows a lot of different styles and braiding.
  • Hair with highlights for young girls Long hairstyle with highlights for young girls. A deep side part lets the bangs to fall over one eye.
  • Easy updo for little girls Easy updo for little girls. A stylish soft hairstyle that requires only minimal pinning.
  • Bob haircut for kids Fashionable bob haircut for kids. The cutting lines run bluntly along the jaw line and curve at the chin.
  • Hairstyle for thick curly hair Long hairstyle for thick curly hair. A simple cut with layers to distribute the mass of hair better.

  • Long hairstyle with braids Long hairstyle with small braids to keep the hair out of the face. An easy to do style.
  • Long side braid Easy to do hairstyle with a long side braid. The look is very chic and elaborate.
  • Hairstyle with a low ponytail Hairstyle for young girls, with a low ponytail. A low maintenance and easy to do look with a neat part.
  • Quick updo for little girls Quick and simple updo for little girls. All hair is out of the face, except for a textured side fringe.
  • Hairstyle with French braids Long hairstyle with French braids to keep the hair controlled. The bangs are long and blunt cut.
  • Festive hairstyle for teenage girls Festive hairstyle for teenage girls with long hair. The sleek lengths of the hair are curled.
  • Hairstyle with a headband for little girls Retro inspired hairstyle with a headband for little girls. The hair ws styled with a lift in the back.
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