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Hairstyles for Small Boys (2)

  • Trendy haircut for little boys Trendy haircut for little boys. With short sides and long bangs that accentuate the eyes.
  • Boys haircut with gel styling Short all over boys haircut, with a clean line around the ears. Simple and easy styling with gel.
  • Mohawk cut for little boys Mohawk cut for young boys. With buzz cut short sides and longer hair along the center of the head.
  • Surfer look hairstyle for boys Surfer look hairstyle for boys. The hair is layered and it almost reaches the shoulders.
  • Haircut for little black boys Short haircut for little black boys. A very maintenance friendly look with really short buzzed hair.
  • Haircut for boys who wear glasses Modern haircut for boys who wear glasses. A short textured cut to style in many different ways.
  • Boys cut for unruly hair Cut for boys who have unruly curly hair. Cropped with a neat edge around the ears, sides and back.
  • Hairstyle for toddlers with curly hair Hairstyle for toddlers or preschool boys with curly hair. The cut makes it easier to take care of the curls.

  • Trendy hairstyle for young boys Trendy hairstyle for young boys. A cut with short sides and longer top hair that needs little styling work.
  • Low maintenance haircut for boys Low maintenance haircut for little boys. Hair that always falls in a neat way and cute short bangs.
  • Easy care hairstyle for boys Easy care hairstyle for boys with thick hair. A worryfree cut that can be styled with the fingers.
  • Long hairstyle for boys Long and low maintenance hairstyle for boys. Layers and much texture keep the hair light.
  • Very short haircut for boys Very short and modern haircut for young boys. Velvety short hair that stands up all by ietself.
  • haircut with very short sides Haircut with very short sides. Hair with layers, more length on top, bangs and trendy styling.
  • Gel hair styling for little boys Hair with gel styling for little boys. A fashion forward look with spikes and fun messy styling.
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