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make-up 59 pages
Lip anatomy, anatomy of the lips and lip make-up application
Lip color techniques, lipstick and lip stain for long-lasting lip color
Lip liner, lip color and gloss application and how to do it
Lip problems and how to fix them for severe lines and wrinkles, thin lips and thick lips
Make-up for problem skin sufferers to camouflage blemishes and breakouts
Make-up mistakes with foundation, blush and contouring and how to correct these mistakes
Make-up over-use and mistakes for lip color and eye make-up and solutions
Mascara and eyeliner application and choosing mascara to maximize lashes and enhance the eye color
Mascara and eyeliner application for close-set eyes and for wide-set eyes
Mascara applying how to and how to use an eye brow pencil
Mistakes with eyeliner and mascara and how to prevent overuse of eyeliner
Moisturizers used in make-up application: hydrating moisturizers, mourishing, deep-penetrating and protective moisturizers
More flattering and more natural-looking results from make-up application
Non-comedogenic | Panthenol | Petrolatum | Photoaging | Phytocosmetics | Polymer | PABA | Occlusion
Polysaccharide | Propylene Glycol | Retinol | Rosacea | Salicylic acid | Soybean Oil | Sucrose Cocoate
Remove hairs between the brows, the uni-brow, with tweezers or a wax strip and shape your brows
Surfactant | Tartaric Acid | Tocopherol | Zinc Oxide | Thyme | Tea Tree Oil | Undertone
Techniques for lip gloss, lip balms, liners, filler and lip plumpers
The application of false eyelashes and make the eye look more bulbous, rounder and larger
The basics of contouring to enhance cheeks and smooth away demarcation
The different skin types and the needs each has - Normal skin - Oily skin
The history of cosmetics and make-up and the origins of beauty ideals
The perfect brow and how to create the perfect eyebrow shape
The use of foundation make-up, select shades and matching the skin tone
Use of eye shadow, contouring eye color and the choice of eye color
Using foundation to cover and camouflage blemishes, freckles and discolorations
Using moisturizer under make-up and the type of moisturzier you need for dry or oily skin
Ways for treating blemish prone skin, spot control and unclog pores to prevent blemishes
Ways you can apply mascara, applying and removing eyeliner, pale lashes and application techniques
fashion 106 pages
Appropriate dressing for work
Beauty gifts for mother's day and a mother and child day spa
Beauty trends for fall | Hair and make-up
Being petite and how to look taller by creating the illusion of being taller through your clothes
Boot fashion and how to wear boots if you want to look fashionable
Bustier to wear as lingerie or as a top
Choosing the right colors to wear when you have a warm complexion or a cool complexion
Classic black pants worn the right way and black leggings, casuals, formals and jeans
Crocs and what these plastic shoes actually are, the practical side and shoes for beaches
Dangers and risks associated with piercing and things to keep in mind when you get piercings
Dos and doníts that you need to keep in mind while wearing cleavage revealing tops
Fall hair trends | Boho chic, Up-dos and accessories
For what women a turtle neck, V-neck, cowl neck or scoop neck is suitable
Gladiator sandals that suit your shape and body type and that make your legs seem longer
Hoop earrings, how to wear hoops and buy the right pair op hoop earrings
How not to look fat in jackets and guidelines on how to select and wear jackets
How shoes can make women beautiful, make or break a woman's look and make women versatile
How to attain a sporty look and achieve a stylish and sporty look for yourself
How to avoid panty lines and find undergarments which don't give a visible panty line underneath your dress
How to be a classy woman that cares about her dress, hairstyle, lifestyle and conversation
How to buy the perfect swimwear and bathing suits that flatter you
How to check for good leather quality and how a bag should complement your body shape
How to choose a sundress that best flatters your figure
How to choose sunglasses that fit you right and how to look like a superstar in your sunglasses
How to choose sunglasses to suit your face shape and sunnies that flatter your face
How to choose the best gladiator sandals for yourself and the right way to wear them
How to choose the right color for stockings and match a stocking with your shoes
How to choose the right kind of everyday coat or evening coat for yourself
How to choose the right pair of comfortable shoes and the best time to try on shoes
How to develop your own signature style keeping in mind your personality and body shape
How to downplay a large butt and give the appearance of your ample bottoms being slimmer
How to dress according to your body shape - inverted triangle, rectangle, diamond
How to dress to look older and clothes that will make you look older than your age
How to dress to look slim and tricks for when you want to look slim
How to dress to look taller and create an illusion of being taller
How to dress with an hourglass figure or hourglass body shape
How to enhance a flat butt or get a fuller butt when it looks like you don't have a rear end
How to get a tattoo, tips for getting a tattoo and the pain factor involved
How to get rid of sock marks and how to prevent sock marks
How to give your wardrobe a makeover and be fashionable without spending a whole lot of money
How to know what kind of necklines suit you and flatter you and choosing the proper neckline
How to know what to wear according to the dress code - How to follow the dress code
How to look cute in a cardigan or how a boring cardi can be a girl's best essential
How to look fashionable as a plus size woman and fashion for the plus size body
How to look good in stripes and how stripes never go out of fashion
How to look younger and tips to look young by dressing young
How to make your bottom look slim and give the right shape and size to your ample bottom
How to match shoes with your outfit - Shoe and outfit matching
How to measure your bra band and cup size and how to find the perfect fitting bra
How to mix and match clothing to wear different styles and exciting looks
How to show off your back, low back dresses and backless fashion and clothes
How to soften a leather belt and what to do when a leather belt has gone hard
How to take care of and storage of clothes, jewelry, cashmere and wool, bags and shoes
How to take care of your legs and fashion tips to show off beautiful legs
How to use fashionable accessories to dress elegantly and to compliment your look
How to use the right make up and perfume
How to wash your lingerie and make them last longer
How to wear a belt and fashionable ways to wear belts for a casual or formal look
How to wear a bustier properly to hide your flaws and enhance your bust
How to wear a plain white t-shirt and match it with other clothing
How to wear a scarf for the bow-tie look, reverse wrap look, cowboy look and side knot look
How to wear and combine button front blouses more fashionably
How to wear chandelier earrings and choose a pair that suits the occasion
How to wear jeans for the office and for nights out and different ways to wear a pair of jeans
How to wear ripped jeans and how to make your own pre-ripped jeans
How to wear ruffles, ruffled tops, bottoms and sleeves and what type of bodies it is suited to
How to wear satin to look really fashionable and satin ideas to glam up your evening
How to wear skinny jeans and leggings to add fashion to your wardrobe
How to wear, how to wash or clean a silk blouse or shirt and what silk blouses you should buy
Invisible bra to improve the shape of your breasts and how to put this bra on
Layering clothes, how to do it right and how to achieve the best layering effect
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