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celebr 78 pages
Rachel Melvin Hairstyles | Haircuts for thick and sturdy hair
Rachel Melvin's over-the-shoulder hair styled in a gala worthy style with tapered sides
Rachel Reenstra Hairstyles | Sporty haircuts for all occasions
Rachel Reenstra's long blonde hair with flit up layers and sly lazy curls
Rachel Roy Hairstyles | Hairdos for busy days and spectacular upstyles
Rachel Roy with her hair up and how to create this festive updo
Rashida Jones Hairstyles
Rashida Jones with her long hair combed over half of her forehead and styled away from her face
Rashida Jones with long layered hair in an ashen shade and bangs that tip the top of her eyebrows
Reba McEntire Hairstyles | Easy to style haircuts for a redhead
Reba McEntire wearing her bouncy red hair flipped out and spliced on the ends
Rebecca Black hairstyles
Rebecca Black with her hair long and iron-pressed to appear tall and lithe
Rebecca Mader Hairstyles | Natural appeal for long hair
Rebecca Mader wearing her hair styled over from the side part with a sexy curl along the side of her face
Rebecca de Mornay Hairstyles | Long blonde haircuts with bangs
Rebecca de Mornay wearing her long hair in a style suitable for women with prominent foreheads
Rebecca de Mornay with long hair and bangs that fall just above the eyebrow
Redhead Reba McEntire wearing her hair in a long style with small time needed to tend it in the morning
Reese Witherspoon Hairstyles | Haircuts and hair color changes
Reese Witherspoon sporting a haircut with wispy layers cut choppy to flip out
Reese Witherspoon wearing her hair with height, volume and a hairband and how to copy this look
Reese Witherspoon with brunette hair, layered and rolled with jumbo rollers
Reese Witherspoon with long hair styled with a smoother for anti frizz and gloss spray
Reese Witherspoon's young and fresh ponytail with bangs for a super easy hairstyle
Refreshing hairstyle with a short choppy layered cut and a body permanent for volume
Rena Riffel Hairstyles | Face shape and features for a bob
Rena Riffel's hair in a short bob haircut that is cuffed under her chin line and a high part
Renee Zellweger's bone straight midlength hair and a hairstyle with simplicity
Renée Zellweger Hairstyles | Short haircuts for a heart shaped face
Rihanna Hairstyles | Long, short and very short haircuts
Rihanna wearing long black hair with a shaved side
Rihanna wearing long hair with crimping and a side swept quiff
Rihanna with short cherry color or red hair
Rihanna | Easy to manage and to maintain short pixie haircut
Rihanna | Neck length hairstyle and a fiery red hair color
Rihanna | Smooth hair, very long and styled in an asymmetrical way
Rihanna's hair in a short cropped style and contoured around the ears
Rihanna's new haircut with the hair clipped around her ears
Rihanna's new hairstyle, closely clipped upon the sies and the back and the top backcombed
Rihanna's new short hairstyle with a short clip that moved over her ears
Rochelle Aytes Hairstyles | Hairdos that fit all events
Rochelle Aytes wearing her hair pulled over from the top and braided to one side, not a hairdo for when you're overweight
Rochelle Wiseman Hairstyles | Fashion haircuts with timelessness and simplicity
Rochelle Wiseman wearing her hair in a rounded sleek bob, an easy maintenance hairstyle if your hair is naturally straight
Rooney Mara hairstyles
Rooney Mara with sleekly styled short hair
Rosanna Arquette Hairstyles | Layered hairdos for long hair
Rosanna Arquette wearing her long hair in layers with a zigzag part
Rosanna Arquette with long hair resting upon her shoulders and a high part
Rosanna Arquette | Long tapered hairstyle, black turtleneck and peace symbol pendant
Rose Byrne Hairstyles | Timeless and elegant hairdos
Rose Byrne wearing her long hair with a large side barrette that fastened her hair back
Rose Byrne wearing her long hair with zigzag wave and belt pieced bangs
Rosemarie DeWitt hairstyles
Rosemarie DeWitt wearing a long and layered brunette hairstyle
Rosemarie DeWitt wearing a natural long hairstyle that appears effortless and unfussy
Rosemarie DeWitt wearing her hair in a neatly tapered shoulder-length bob
Ryan Newman Hairstyles | Natural hairstyles for long hair with waves
Ryan Newman wearing a crocheted hat with her long hair flowing below her shoulders
Ryan Newman with long hair brushed below her shoulders and wearing a glittery dress
Turtlenecked Rebecca de Mornay with long sunny blonde hair and eye length bangs
celebrityhairstyles2 137 pages
Agyness Deyn's hair with choppy ends and Piper Perabo sporting shoulder touching hair
Agyness Deyn's straight bob that just covers the ears and Mélanie Laurent's tight updo
Alexie Gilmore's bangs upon the brow line and Jennifer Morrison's long curled hair
Ali Landry's long layered chestnut brown hair and Shailene Woodley's hair partially pulled back
Alice Greczyn's sleek long hair past her shoulders | Christian Serratos hair above the shoulders
Amy Smart's hair with loopy coils and waves and Bonnie Somerville's swooping waves
Anna Friel with her hair put up and coiling your hair the same way as Hayden Panettiere's
Arianne Zucker's flattering bob with choppy bangs and Adrienne Bailon's long hair styled silky straight
Arlene Tur's trendy hairstyle of today and Rachel Reenstra's heavy chemically processed hair
Ashley Eckstein's easy long hairstyle and Kristin Cavallari's hairstyle exposing her forehead
Ashley Greene with shorter hair half way down the neckline and Mini Anden's long sexy layers
Aubrey Plaza's long straight hairstyle and Tiffany Giardina's fishnet braid resting below her shoulder
Autumn Reeser with her hair in long layers and Sara Paxton's hair with a long high part
Bree Turner with her hair up in a topknot of curls and Bonnie Somerville with natural dark blonde hair
Brittany Flickinger's hairstyle and Rashida Jones wearing her informal hairstyle with lazy messy coils
Brittany Snow's thirties and forties makeup and Elizabeth Banks neutral makeup tones
Calista Flockhart wearing a pink satin blouse and Ava Leigh's super long blonde hair
Carey Mulligan's short hair cut around the ears and Ella Thomas hair cropped around her shoulders
Carla Gugino's hairstyle with curled bangs and Rachel McAdams bouncy short hair upon her neckline
Cassie with one side of her long hair shaved and Alexa Vega with her hair styled in curls
Chelsea Staub's long foiled blonde hair and Natasha Henstridge's long smooth layered hair
Chloe Moretz's hair below her shoulders and Blake Lively with hair that looks like a Breck shampoo advertisement
Chris Pine with the I need a shave look and Emma Roberts sporting curls upon her back
Christie Brinkley's long blonde curls and Rachel Stevens long brown and glossy hair
Christina Applegate sporting medium length hair and Taraji P. Henson's heavy bangs
Christina Ricci with a youthful ponytail and Maria Menounos with her hair smoothly back in a tie
Christine Lakin's side feature hair with flippy coils and Mackenzie Rosman's long brown hair
Ciara's exotic ponytail with her hair brushed tightly back and Melissa George's hair styled over the side of the face
Claire Danes hair with a lush roll back and Coco Rocha's long coppery hair
Claudia Schiffer's silk white blouse and Monica Potter wearing light make up
Daphne Zuniga's hair with long dipped waves on both sides and Taylor Spreitler's blonde hair with ruffled coils
Dara Torres short fashion hairstyle and Erin Andrews long blonde hair arranged in casual waves
Demi Moore with long hair and a bang that covers one eye and Nicollette Sheridan's long lightened hair
Denise Vasi's hair with round pouf along the sides and Jordana Brewster's long ponytail
Diablo Cody's short hairstyle and Teri Polo's long hair with easy going curls
Drew Barrymore's 1930's hair style and Marlee Matlin sporting lightened hair and a turtleneck
Emilie de Ravin's hair and Sally Field's hair around the shoulders, a good length for mature ladies
Erin Lucas youthful hairstyle with bangs over the brwos and Lauren Conrad's hair below the shoulders
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